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Welcome To Swimming Everyday!!

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Swimming is a cool sport which will increase your power, energy and suppleness.

         "Swimming Everyday" (Kathmandu) has been providing swimming classes for beginner level, intermediate students (children and adults) for last 14 years. Swimming courses are available for both children and adults regardless of their age. First priority of "Swimming Everyday" (Kathmandu)  is safety of our students. We make sure that every student is taken a special care and is taught in a good environment.

         Teaching students to swim is a wonderfully rewarding job and it is a skill which will remain with you throughout your life. There is something about watching our student improve in the aquatic environment that only teachers understand. However, becoming a first class swimming coach takes decades, not weeks, and ask anyone who is in this category, learning from the students never really stops.

         There are a lot of beginner swimmers, who would love to swim but don't know where to start from. They get stuck with the swim tubes for weeks trying to learn swimming. We have seen many people trying to learn swimming from friends or parents but don't succeed. Even though they learn swimming! They don't learn the appropriate way. We had some students who watched YouTube videos for swimming, who told us that they wanted to learn the way they saw in videos. Here, we understand you and your familiarity with water and teach accordingly. People who make those kind of videos are experts who have been practicing a lot. There are many video which teaches you different styles. You cannot do it all. So, this is our request to you all to listen to the instructors not the videos. In addition, Searching for a swimming instructor in kathmandu is hard. Even If you find one, you don't get a good timing. But here in "Swimming Everyday" we are flexible about timing and good in teaching.

         We make sure that every student will be able to swim on their own after the lesson.*
P.S : We don't encourage our students to bring swim tubes plus please bring a passport size photo with you.

We have qualified and licensed instructors approved from Nepal sports council.
*depends on the individuals, their willingness and ability to learn and overcome the fear.

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